What Is Chlorophyll

what is chlorophyll charts

What is chlorophyll?

Surface chlorophyll concentration (CHL) is a measurement of the quantity of plant life in the surface layer of the ocean.  Chlorophyll observations give us information about how clear the water is at a particular location and where different water masses come into contact with each other.

Chlorophyll Concentration Charts

Use our Chlorophyll charts to verify the water you want to fish is clean and blue. Don’t waste time and fuel running to dead green water.
Since Chlorophyll can only be measured during daylight hours we produce a daily Chlorophyll fishing map that combines all the Chlorophyll shots of the day into a single image.  Because life in the ocean tends to accumulate in patches, we enhance our Chlorophyll images to show where abrupt changes in chlorophyll concentration occur helping you find the areas that hold fish.

With a Chlorophyll break comes bait fish, with the bait comes the offshore predators.

A Chlorophyll chart with a Sea Surface Temperature Chart is one of the tools tournament and commercial fishermen live by.

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