Hot Bite Report Map - California Fishing Reports | Sea Surface Temperature Maps

The Fishdope Hot Bite Chart is one of the most used tools for the offshore fisherman.

hotboteBy gathering daily fish reports from professional captains, sport boats, 6 pack and 4 pack charter boats, fly over planes, commercial fishermen, VHF and private anglers like yourself Fishdope has become the most successful fish report website in the world.

We take the info from our written daily fish report that is updated many times a day and display it on our charts with a color coded fish icon showing where the fish were caught and when. This results in one of the most accurate fish trends available.

Point the boat towards the leading edge of the fish trend mixed with the current SST, Bite Zone and Chlorophyll charts and wait for the jigs to go off.

Catch More Fish. Burn Less Fuel. Only $169 per year!

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