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Sea surface temperate (SST) measurements are made by numerous satellites orbiting our Earth.

Because we receive live-feeds from multiple satellite receiving stations we are able to make Sea Surface Temperature Chart images available to our user’s right after they’re collected.  We have numerous sources for our SST data so that if one of our receiving stations goes off line for whatever reason we are able to utilize any of our other sources to ensure that we can make the highest quality SST images available to you every day.

Temperature breaks create “edges” in ocean currents that congregate bait, kelp paddies and sea life. Find the break, find the fish.

Since we process all of our own data for our fishing charts, we are able to make our images available at the highest resolution possible.  SST measurement can only be made in clear sky conditions.  We use our own cloud masking routines to ensure that we only show the highest quality data and make use of all of the clear pixels.  Because of the number of SST shots we can offer in a single day we make sure to pick the finest so that you don’t have to waste your time navigating though a bunch of images in order to find the best shot.

When experiencing cloud cover the next best thing is our Cloud Free SST’s

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