Frequently Asked Questions - California Fishing Reports | Sea Surface Temperature Maps

What areas do you cover?
The Fishdope chart covers from Point Conception to San Quintin Mexico. The written reports cover the Channel Islands to San Quintin both inshore and offshore.
Where does your daily fishing reports come from?
Fishdope has partnered with airplanes, commercial boats, fishing guides, fishing industry, sport boats, landings, bait barges and private boaters. Fishdope also contracts a fish spotter plane to fly once a week during the offshore season, weather permitting. Fishdope also has its own code group of boats that insures we have fresh information most days of the week.
Can I go up in the spotter plane with you?
We currently do not take people in the spotter plane with us.
Where do you get your Satellite sea surface temperatures and chlorophyll information?
Fishdope has a scientist with a PHD in ocean imaging on staff. We have partnered with him to bring the best images available straight from the satellites to our Fishdope Charts. The scientist is also a fisherman and knows what fishermen want in their offshore charts.
Why are there no live satellite images every day?
The live data images (Sea Surface Temperatures & Chlorophyll) cannot see through clouds and fog. There will be days where there will be no data in your region. This is why we have composite Cloud Free SST charts, the next best thing.
Does Fishdope work on mobile and tablets?
Fishdope is fully mobile compatible.
Can a friend and I split the cost of a single user account?
Fishdope is a one user license. The website tracks all IP addresses and cookies for security reasons.
Do you offer month to month subscriptions?
We currently offer 1 year (365 days from date of start) and 2 year (730 days from date of start) subscriptions. We do not offer month to month subscriptions.
How do I disable the recurring subscription charges on my account?

To cancel the recurring subscription charges on your account visit the membership information page while logged in.

Click on the Cancel recurring subscription button. The button will only cancel future subscription renewals on your credit card. It does not refund or end a current subscription.

If accidently charged and want to get a hold of us for refund please email Fishdope Billing with your first, last name and account username.

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