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Take FishDope with you out on the water!

The FishDope mobile app lets you bring the power of FishDope reports and charts with you offshore, even when you lose internet or wifi coverage. All the fish reports and chart layer you look at will automatically save to your device, so you’ll be able to find all the hot bites and temp/color breaks as you run around offshore.

FishDope Mobile for iOS

FishDope Mobile for Android

***Note: an active FishDope membership is required to log in and use the mobile app***

The mobile app makes it simple to find the bite zone:

1. Log in

Open up the app while you’re still at the dock and have wifi service for the latest updates

2. Read the latest fish reports

The last 7 days of reports will automatically save to your device for offline use

3. Pull up your region chart

Any layer you look at, like chlorophyll or cloud-free sst, will automatically save to your device, too

4. Go fish!

The app will automatically switch into “offline mode” when you lose service and/or put your device into airplane mode, and everything you viewed at the dock will still be right there at your fingertips

If your device is GPS-enabled (most are), you can display your location right on the chart, even without wifi service! This feature is great for showing you how far you are from the latest hot bites, or when it’s time to slow down and drop the jigs back as you approach that juicy temperature or color break.

Plus, you can even use route planning while offline to figure out how far and what direction you need to head to get to your next waypoint!

The app also lets you:

  • View Resources like GPS Coordinates, how-to articles, and fishing regulations (online mode only)
  • Listen to live streaming VHF radio (online mode only – if you’re out fishing, just use your boat’s VHF!)
  • Pull up FAQ and access app support resources (online mode only)


Catch More Fish. Burn Less Fuel. Only $169 per year!

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