How to use the Charts - California Fishing Reports | Sea Surface Temperature Maps


Chart Features

  1. Hot Bite Icons – These icons will give you species, date, location information and comments if available. Red Icons indicate a day old report, Orange = 2 days old and Yellow = 3 or more days old
  2. SST, Cloud Free SST, Chlorophyll, or Bite Zone Overlay – This gives you sea surface temperature information. Transparent areas indicate there is no info available due to cloud cover. Explanation of the layers
  3. Bathymetry Overlay –  This is a visual representation of the ocean floor contours and also shows bank/highspot labels.
  4. Buoys – Adds NOAA weather buoys to the map. You may select up to 3 buoys and add them to your Buoy Data tab at the bottom of the page.
  5. Latitude/Longitude Grid – This is a visual representation of the latitude and longitude lines.
  6. Temperature Scale & Legend – Depending on the currently selected layer, this shows an icon legend or graphical representation of the temperature range used on the chart. By hovering your pointer over a temperature map you will see the corresponding water temperature on the scale and on the Pointer Position readout.
  7. Zoom Map Slider – Scale on the map can be adjusted using this slide rule. Click on the Plus or Minus icons to step by 1 zoom level, or drag the slider. Alternatively, you can click on the map and use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  8. Chart Name – Shows the chart region you are currently viewing
  9. Chart Date Selection – Use the drop down to view layer data from previous days


Only one layer from SST, Cloud Free SST, Chlorophyll, or Bite Zone can be displayed at once.

  1. Sea Surface Temperature  – Toggles the SST information overlay display.
  2. Chlorophyll Concentration – Toggles the Chlorophyll Concentration overlay on or off.
  3. Cloud Free SST  – Toggles the Cloud Free SST overlay on or off.
  4. Bitezone – Toggles the Bitezone overlay on or off.
  5. Latitude/Longitude Grid  – Toggles the Lat/Long grid overlay on or off.
  6. Hot Bite Locations  – Toggles the Hot Bite Locations overlay on or off.
  7. Map Detail – Toggles the Bathymetry and points of interest overlay on or off.
  8. Closures – Toggles closures overlay on or off.
  9. Buoys – Toggles the Buoys overlay on or off.
  10. Print Map – Creates a printer friendly display of your current chart view, including tide data, hot bite reports and any route planning you have created
  1. Pointer Position – This shows the location of your pointer on the map in latitude and longitude as well as the temp of the currently viewed layer if applicable.
  2. Range & Bearing – This tool will determine the distance and bearing between two selected points on the map. Click Start to begin. Click on the chart to place your first point, click again for an end point. Click Clear to measure a new range and bearing, and click End to exit the tool.
  3. Sun/Moon data – Current date, sunrise/sunset and moon phase information

Info Panels

  1. Tide Data  – When this tab is selected Tide Data will be shown on the bottom of the interface for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  2. Buoy Data – User selected weather buoy data will be shown on the bottom of the interface when this tab is selected.
  3. Route Planning  – Route planning can be created in the Info Panel. Up to 10 way points can be added. Total distance is computed and the route details are included when Print Map is used
  4. Hot Bite Reports – The details on each Hot Bite Icon is displayed in the Info Panel. Hot Bites can be sorted by type (All, Inshore, Islands or Offshore) as well as by date (1 day or 2-5 days).
  5. Animate Date Range – View an animation including multiple days of data. First select the layer you want to animate in the Display Options and click the Play icon. The panel allows you to customize the number of days of data to include in the cycle and you can adjust the speed of the animation from a 1/4 second to a 2 second delay.
  6. Help  – Displays information to help you use Fishdope

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