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Report Updated: July 31, 2013 at 8:02 am

My first trip after joining Fishdope and I wouldn’t have been fishing that far around Catalina Island if I hadn’t seen the reports. Immediate payoff. 30lb White Sea Bass, hard to beat that. I’m just here in socal temporarily so I’m taking all the help I can get. Fish Dope works. Thanks for making it available.


After owning a small skiff for several years, I made the plunge and bought a real offshore boat. I happened to go by the FishDope booth at the Fred hall show the next year, and was curious. I spent some time there asking questions, and although I had used information from several free internet sites, I immediately recognized the advantages that FishDope had to offer. The number of features incorporated into FishDope is just amazing! My favorite feature is the route planning…mostly because it gives my wife and kids some peace of mind to know where I will be going..not to mention the valuable information the coast guard could use to find me, should they need to. The fishing reports are always a fun diversion from work, when I cannot get out on the water. I have to give credit to FishDope for a lot of the fish I caught this year, and plan to purchase another membership at the Fred Hall show this year. Keep up the good work, FishDope!

Jeff Corealis

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